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10 things to include in your living room!

The living room is often the first impression of your home that you give to the guests who visit. It is important that you give sufficient attention to the style, décor, and items you place in your living room to complete its look. Be it minimal, luxurious, gothic or neo-modern, there a few items that add to the beauty of the room while being functionally adding comfort as well. Here is the list of 10 things we believe are integral to your living room to make it look complete!

1. An area rug
An area rug is an impeccable item that fills up your space with its charm. Be it a small one made of jute or a sisal rug, you can do a lot with an area rug and create a bright and pleasant space.

2. Handpicked cushions
It’s a great idea to throw together mesh pillows and not matching ones on your couch to add a bit of color and life to your couch. You can play with colors and patterns to create a unique look!

3. A dash of greenery
A great way to add some life in your living room is to pick a perfect green plant to accentuate the look. You can pick a potted plant or one that can be hung from the window. Green is a very lifting color and will make your room seem Fuller.

4. A unique coffee table
Often the focus of a living room happens to be the coffee table at the center. Pick a design and material that is unique and interesting, which will suit your style. A glass top with an interesting set of legs will be perfect to be the focal point of the room. You should also take care to fill about a quarter of the surface area of the tabletop, to finish off that look.

5. Play with light

The right lighting equipment can light up your room in ways you did not know possible. Add a bit of wall lighting on that textured wall and maybe a cove lighting above the room along with a modern reading light next to the couch and you will find your room a lot more attractive. It is important to choose the right places to place the lights to get the best effects possible.

6. A wide TV stand
Choose a wood-based, colorful or even monochrome based wide TV stand to place on the wall of the living room. This will not only help you place your movie collections organized, you can also use it to place few beautiful artifacts such as sculptured or photo frames. The stand is aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally sound.

7. Curtains
Although curtains are not really a necessity for the living room, adding them can help you control the light on a hot day as well as add to the comfort meter of the room. Choose light or dark shades depending on the size of your room and style. They add warmth, texture and visual focus to your room if chosen right!

8. An artwork
Although a detail, artwork can make a world of difference on an empty wall. Choose an abstract painting to hang on that empty wall and watch it fill up that space perfectly! You can also add a spotlight above for accented lighting as well.

9. Books and showpieces

An empty living room passes no emotions. It is important that you subtly fill up your shelves and stands with books and interesting sculptures to add a sense of completion to that gorgeous living space.

10. A decorative mirror

A mirror does wonders for your room by playing with perceptions. You can choose an ornate or traditional mirror to place at a lesser occupied corner to add a dash of style and volume to the room. They also help light up the room a little more and you can use it to give yourself a final check before you head out as well!
We hope these tips for planning your living room has served you well. There are several ways you can play with interiors and these are only some of the carefully picked ones. You can explore and improvise on these to find your own perfect space. We hope you have a great time planning the face of your dream space!

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