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A guide to creating the perfect landscape fit for your home

Landscapes are often a great way to accentuate how your home is perceived from the outside. Be it a tree, a lawn of lush green or a well on the front yard, they all add to the aesthetic way the beauty of your home is perceived by an outsider. How do you get the best of this? Read ahead to find out! In this blog, we have combined a few styles of the landscape that you could adapt to get the best out of your surroundings and have a truly unique façade to look at. 

Synchronized landscape design 

Synchronized landscape design involves the use of a particular element or collection of elements visibly adapted from your built form design. This will ensure that the theme or style of design of the landscape remains synchronized. A home build in a contemporary style can continue the same theme for the landscapes to have an elegant effect. 

Contrasting design

If your home is made of geometric lines and intersections, you could break this pattern through the landscape using a contrasting design completely made of organic shapes such as curves and circular patterns. This is an interesting way to deal with landscaping as it gives your home a truly unique aesthetic perspective. 

Japanese garden 

The Japanese water garden landscape is a style that is famous and practised all around the world. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Usage of water is highly common and round stones along with statues of Buddha. Japanese gardens can be used under the principles of feng-shui to add good luck to your home through landscape design. 

Woodland landscape 

The woodland landscape is for the people who believe in letting their plants flourish and thrive in their own manner without any sort of manicuring. You can choose to plant the ones you would want in your garden and let them figure out their own pattern of growth. The Woodland landscape is perfect for people who would like little maintenance on their green patch. 

Xeriscape Gardens

This type of landscaping is a great way to minimize water usage while sustainably devoting your household water usage to watering the plants. The Xeriscape garden involves the usage of plants that use very little water and thrive on them. The water that is used to route towards the garden can be greywater obtained from sinks, and showers which can be filtered. The plants used in Xeriscape are often chosen to be indigenous plants as they are the best sustainable choice for the given climatic conditions. 

Landscape design is a world of possibilities that deserve to be explored. The best part about landscape design is the number of possibilities for customization that it offers. Several times, pre-existent trees have been used to add beauty to the façade instead of considering cutting it down. Adapting the green parts of your site to your home is simply a beautiful and sustainable thing to do. We home you build a beautiful green space for yourself where you can indulge in your recreational activities and unwind every day!


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