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Ceiling designs: Everything you need to know!

Nothing can be overlooked in a home that is truly well decorated. A ceiling is often the first thing that decides how the room is lit and looks. The colour, shape, style and even height can create huge differences in the experience of a space. A simple way to think about ceilings would be things to do with paint and wallpaper. However, there is a whole world out there bursting with creative methods to design and create the perfect ceiling. Before you finalize your home design, be sure to take the time to consider ceilings as well. Read ahead to know more about the style and character of ceilings and get to know them! 

Cove Ceilings

Cove ceilings are a transition into the ceiling at a wide-angle with a secondary membrane below. They can be lit with cove lighting to produce an ambient lit effect. It is suitable for attics, corners, bathrooms etc. They can also exist in a larger form in bedrooms, living rooms and more. 

Ceiling Trays

Recessed ceilings which are inverted at the centre or their highest point are called ceiling Trays. Often, they are used to give the room an illusion of depth and is a great ceiling option for common spaces that connect rooms. Simple in design, the effect they can give is grand and you can even try layering with them to create the illusion you desire. 

Coffered Ceiling

A coffered ceiling is like a tray ceiling, except the recessed areas are multiple and is understated at the same time special. The touch of dimension created by these are magnificent are created by playing with crossbeams, perpendicular beams and crown moulding. 

Speciality Mouldings

Speciality mouldings are designs in plaster of Paris, found in ancient homes styled in Victorian or even modern Kerala homes. The skirting of ceiling and flooring are decorated with mouldings. They are exquisite with a variety of design ideas and detail. You can even add modern elements to this. 

Beamed Ceilings

If you have beams crossing over your room, worry no more. These can be used to convert your ceiling to a patterned beamed ceiling. Add a few criss-cross fake beams and here you go! This ceiling emits character and historic touch to the design. You can even inculcate uniquely painted designs into it and we guarantee you, it will be truly extraordinary. 

While the number of designer ceilings that exist is infinite, you can explore further ahead with a better-informed mind after this article. We hope you find the perfect options for ceiling designs for your perfect home! Happy home designing! 


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