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Is Big always better? What is the ideal size for your home?

Often a dilemma that rests upon the head of most potential future homeowners, the perfect sized home has always been a myth. It is impossible to have a universal one measure that is perfect in all senses to all kinds of people. The perfect size of your home depends on many factors which range from the type of home you require, the size of your family and budget. While this can be a huge problem to deal with, here are a few integral tips to help you understand and make the right choice for yourself. Ask yourself these questions before you decide on an area and you will save a lot of trouble from the future! Read ahead!

What are your future plans?
Building a home is more than a one-time investment or a temporary place of stay. You will need to pour a lot of thought into it and think long term throughout. The necessities you have today may not exactly remain the same tomorrow. Your family may expand with a partner for yourself, children and so on. You will also have to consider providing office spaces and other miscellaneous spaces which would possibly come of use in the future.
Think ahead and visualize all possible and necessary spaces you may require in the future and add it to your plan for a home. It will be immensely helpful if you can anticipate some big changes that lie ahead!

Remember storage!
Storage spaces are often left out during planning stages and their importance is only felt after you start living in that particular space. It is important to provide just the right amount of storage; not too less and not too much. Too less may result in the clutter with lack of sufficient space to keep things while too much of space will result in you storing unnecessary artifacts which in turn contribute to clutter again.
Ensure that you estimate the adequate amount of storage that would be required for you and your family and provide that inside and outside your house. You should also consider non-conventional methods of storing such as under staircase spaces, wall hangings, concealed cupboards and so on.

Are all of the spaces planned, well designed?
It is an increasingly trending fact that a well-designed space can function much more efficiently than a much larger, but poorly designed area. Instead of planning a large space that is mostly unplanned and poorly designed, ensure that every space planned is properly thought of and can be used fully.
Remember that measuring usable space by square foot is insufficient to understand how space is felt. So never underestimate the power of strategy based efficient planning and organization. Plan ahead and design compact and efficient spaces instead of seemingly impressive ones!

Have you thought of ergonomic factors?
Are you planning to bring any previously owned furniture into your new home? Chances are that you will do so. However, it is Integral that you get them properly measured to make sure they fit perfectly into their new space.
A well-fit furniture set will make the rooms look more spacious and increase their elegance. Even while you shop, have a tape handy and ensure that the furniture pieces you buy are perfect for your home!

Ready to seek your perfectly sized space?
While you search for options, be sure that you do not overlook any projects based on their area by square foot alone. Be ready to compromise on the numbers if you find a space that looks efficient. However, do not compromise and keep searching for different types of homes until you find the perfect one for you!
Finding the right home is more than real estate. It is about a family choosing the quality of life they would like to lead by seeking a home that is suitable for them. Happy house hunting!

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