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The Kitchen Checklist – The Complete Guide to a Perfect Kitchen.

You wouldn’t be completely wrong if you call your kitchen the heart of the home. Your day most likely begins in the kitchen as you brew a hot cup of coffee to kick start the day. Being an essential part of the house, it’s really important to design a well-organized kitchen. As one of the most renowned names among home Builders in Calicut, trust us when we say that we know all about kitchens! We can guide you in designing the perfect kitchen. Let’s take a look at what to consider when designing your kitchen:

Body: A well-equipped kitchen makes life so much easier. When designing a kitchen, you must concentrate on both utility and appearance. A quartz countertop is widely preferred. This calls for less maintenance while providing a standard and classy look. Open layouts are a trend that came to stay. The same goes for kitchen islands. While the former provides a less formal look and allows more interaction, the latter grants you more space for prep and storage.

Ceiling: When it comes to the ceiling, it must be chosen with utmost care. There is a wide range of ceiling styles to choose from – glass, coffered, wood beam, drop ceilings, etc. Pick out what best suits your kitchen! 

Lighting: Custom lighting is a good idea for kitchens. It’s important to have good lighting and these custom lights give the kitchen a touch of elegance. Most of these lighting systems can be operated with a remote or even a smartphone.

Storage: Pull- out storage is a great way to keep things organized. The wheel-track system increases the efficiency and accessibility which will help you get things done faster.

Technology: A much-loved technology trend when it comes to kitchens is the hands-free faucets. They consume less water and reduce the spread of germs. The sleek look is like icing on the cake!

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