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Top tips to monsoon proof your home!

Kerala being one of the rainiest places under the sky, preparing your home for monsoon ahead makes perfect sense. While there are several methods to rainproof your house, here are a few integral tips to keep in mind while you enjoy the last days of spring-summer. Always remember that heavy rains can damage the exterior of your house as well as disrupt the functionality of your home.

Get your gutters, downspouts and drains cleaned and unclogged
As the showers start, the water runoffs that reach the roof of the house will need a place to flow to. Having clogged drains and gutters will cause debris to accumulate and prevent flow of water, thereby damaging your roofs and pipes. Hence before monsoon behind, ensure your drains, gutters and downspouts stay free and clean. Make sure you also repair any cracks or damages to the existing system.

Reseal your doors and windows
With the passage of time and change in weather over the years, the sealing of doors and windows can come apart and disintegrate. This will let the cold and rain deep inside from out and also damage the doors and windows made of wood. If you have any sliding doors made of aluminum or wood, it is also important to inspect them and ensure its in good condition.

Add a coat of waterproof paint to your house
If you have any damages on your walls such as splotches or peeling, it is a sign that your walls are exposed and hence need a fresh coat of paint. Waterproof paints minimize the effects of moisture on walls and protects your house for longer. Choose a thick and smooth paint for the exterior to ensure it lasts longer and adds an aura around the property.

Get the electrical wiring checked
A precautionary step to avoid danger of any kinds, the electrical wiring of the entire house is to be checked well and good before the monsoon is here. Take care to ensure the switchboards are up and working and that they are safe. For an added safety, purchase silica gel and place under your electronic devices to prevent seepage of electricity. These gel pockets are anhydrous in nature and remove potential moisture from the atmosphere.

Stock on the tarpaulin supplies
Most homes will have a steady stock of tarpaulin sheets kept in handy. If you don’t, make sure you buy ahead a few extras as you’ll never know what you’d need once the rains start. They are waterproof as well as fire-proof and hence can come highly in handy.
In addition to these tips provided in the article, there are several ways you can preserve your home in the best possible conditions throughout the year.

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