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Why Is Investing In Ready To Move In Apartments A Better Option?

A home is a primary need for everyone, be it a rented or owned. An own house brings a lot of security in your life and soundness in your financial status. Buying a home requires thorough market research before making a concrete decision. Choosing among the ready to move in apartments, ongoing projects or pre-launch projects is what confuses buyers the most. If you are looking for a residential property in Calicut, opting for ready to move in apartments in Calicut would be a better option when considering certain factors.

Have a look at the main five reasons to invest in Ready to Move in Apartments


  1. Tax benefits

In Calicut, the prices of Ready to move in Apartments are rising high. The top facilities and luxury amenities along with urbanized localities have increased the demand for residential properties in Calicut. By investing in a ready to move in apartment, the foremost profit that you can make is in the tax benefits. By opting for a substantial amount of home loan, you can get ample tax cut back and related benefits after possessing the ready to move in apartment in Calicut.

Pay EMI after possession:

 You have to pay the EMI for the house only after moving in or allotting it for rent when it comes to ready to move in apartments. Whereas, in the case of the under-construction projects, you may have to pay the EMI in advance.

  1. Save huge rents

When occupying a ready to move in apartment in Calicut, you don’t have to wait any longer to move in. You wouldn’t have to rent a house before moving in and this can, in turn, help you cut back on unnecessary expenses. When buying a home for residential purposes, ready to move in apartments is the best option for you in order to avoid inconvenience and extra expenses. Even if you’re planning to put your new apartment on rent, it can get you an ample amount to repay the home loan.

  1. No risk

A ready to move-in apartment comes with none to fewer chances of issues in legal procedures or permits, change in price value, flat structure and accomplices, alterations in offered amenities, delayed possession, etc. In the case of ready to move in apartments in Calicut, you get exactly what you pay for. You will also have the privilege of choosing among the ready apartments that meet your requirements and preferences when it comes to locality, lifestyle, neighbourhood etc. You will even get an opportunity to talk to the pre-occupied residents about the payment aspects and reliability of the builder.

  1. Resale for an increased price

The projects handled by the top-notch builders of Calicut are likely to get a hike in the prices of their ready to move in apartments. You can even resell these properties with an increased price percentage to your advantage. Investing in reputed builders like Crescent builders can prove to be very beneficial if you are looking for a property to resell for a huge profit.

  1. Free from GST Implication

Taxes play a crucial role in property deals. Currently, a buyer does not have to pay any GST while buying a ready-to-move-in property. An under-construction flat, on the other hand, attracts 12% GST. So, if you buy an under-construction flat worth Rs 60 lakhs, you will have to spend a sum of Rs 720,000 just on GST.

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