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Top things to note for home décor!

As the popular saying goes, home isn’t space but is a place where memories are made over time. This is the reason for building a home is never an easy task. Something to be done with extreme care and deep thought. The insides of your home should look like a space woven in love, warmth and beauty and filled with your personality in all aesthetical aspects. Your home is often the moldboard of your tastes. Here are a few crucial tips to consider before you start your home décor work!

Make a statement with your flooring
Often the first thing you notice when you enter a room is the flooring. Be it tiled, carpeted or wooden flooring, choose something that suits your taste and personality. Take a bold but timeless step and pick something that will leave you happy but will also not bore you after a long while. If you want a dash of glamour you can choose exquisite floorings such as geometric tiles or chic herringbone patterns.

Play with geometry
The trend for florals are out and geometry is in! Pick bold and colorful patterned art for your sofas and curtains to ensure the geometry plays goes high in full swing! You can also use a funky wallpaper to accentuate the walls with a bold touch and play the furniture and accessories along!

Add greens
You can add a dash of freshness and happiness by adding a potted plant to your rooms. Be it wall mounted or floor support, a small plant can make a world of difference.
They create an organic and peaceful mood to the room and are also inexpensive. Buy plenty of potted ones and add a dash of liveliness to your room with minimal effort.

Spotlight on the ceiling and walls
Add a dash of drama to your walls and ceiling by choosing an object that demands attraction; like a chandelier, a stunning piece of art or something similar. You can choose to paint the walls or use wallpaper as well and enjoy creating! Another tip is to make use of textured wallpapers. These are not only classy but will also make the room seen larger than it is. These items of focus determine where the eye of the viewer rests and helps give a perfect impression in this manner!

Metallics and combinations
Who doesn’t like a bling addition to their home? Add a dash of color and grandeur by making use of metal frames, knobs and small accessories such as a bedside lamp. Choose to coat your knobs in rich metallic shades of gold, silver or brass and so on to accentuate your furniture and rooms!

Upholster your furniture!
What speaks comfort and aesthetics better than velvet upholstery? Juice up your couches and cushions with the upholstery done to add color, focus and life to them. Add some cushions and then let your furniture do the talking for you! This multi-dimensional look is definitely going to give you that much-needed edge!

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