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5 ways to economically remodel your bathrooms!

Often a remodel is a perfect excuse to splurge on the house and make it seem like brand new. A space that is often a core comfort element, the bathrooms deserve a stylish remodel every once in a while. Trust us, treating yourself to a beautiful and cosy bathroom will be worth every penny. With these tips and tricks we recommend, you will not only be able to save some green, but you can add a personal touch and get creative while you remodel! If you have plans to upgrade your home or move away, studies prove that a remodel within budget increases the significant value to the property! So what could possibly let you hesitate? 

The first thing to do would be to predetermine the remodel budget to get clarity on the journey ahead. You can also make a list on the top changes you would like to make in your bathroom. For example, if the washbasin is too small or placed at an uncomfortable angle, that could be prioritized high while other less significant modifications can be avoided. The amount of change you can add depends a lot on your budget. 

Limit the tiles

One of the expensive factors when it comes to bathrooms are the usage of tiles. The cost escalates per square meter and hence tiling is also a place where you can save and make a huge difference. On the vertical walls, painting above the sill height could be a great way to save some and get creative. You can explore patterns, designs and go crazy on the height above the tiling and have an aesthetic pleasing yet functional bathroom. Limit the usage on areas such as a shower stall wall as well. If you want a particular expensive tile, you can also use it alongside a cheaper one.


A trend exists to get an expensive countertop in the bathroom due to the area is less. Consider the price before you pick a light shade of granite. You can find a much lower price on granite if you expand your choice of colours. Another way you can save would be to reuse a beautiful slab or one with damages that will add a certain character to your choice. You can display the slab in a manner that the imperfection is covered and save a huge amount. Another addition to do would be DIYs and use an old dresser as sink pedestals. Simply pick a dresser you love and cut out the top where the sink can be placed. Holes will be necessary at the back to provide plumbing. The drawers can be used for linen and toiletry storage. To buy these may cost a fortune but with the right amount of creativity, this would be an easy do-over. 


The simplest remodel you could possibly give would be a repainting work. Since the bathroom is a place where moisture persists, you can use a high resistant grade of paint to improve the décor. The ceiling should be painted as well to resist fungi growth. 

Fixtures and accessories

Details such as a neo-modern showerhead can take your bathing experience to another level. Consider fixtures such as faucets, health sanitizers, showerheads and light fixtures to transform the bathroom economically. 

Redo more

If you have sanitary wares or tubs that are old, you could consider professionally relining it rather than purchasing a brand new one. This would be much cheaper and sustainable. However, this is not the case for sinks and faucets as replacing would be cheaper. You can also consider investing in some used fixtures to save some and have the same amount of comfort. 

Bathrooms are a place where you can get creative with DIYs and several other innovations. Pinterest would be a great source of innovation! We hope you have fun redoing your cosy bathroom. Thank you for the read! 

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